What is the difference in the body between Acid and Alkaline?

Great question isn’t this? I have the answer for you! Acid in the body may be why you are constantly getting colds or your body has many aches and pains. Too much acid causes people to become tired or moody. After a while carrying too much acid in the body will definitely attract disease as disease loves and lives in acid.

When people don’t feel good because of acid they are prone to try to fix it with “a pill of some sorts”, alcohol or more acidic food types. People would easily adjust all these things by paying closer attention to their acidic levels. Alkaline in the body, especially at the proper balance promotes an overall good feeling with energy, good skin and little aches and pains.

When the body is in a more alkaline state of 7.3/7.4 it aids in fighting off diseases; as disease said by many reputable doctors cannot anchor itself in a well pH Balanced Body; a pH Healthy Body! It also promotes Optimal Health.

So Ask yourself how you are truly feeling and find out for sure by testing with the pH Health Home Kit. Thank you!