Welcome from Emilie

Hello Everyone!  I’m Emilie De Angelo and I am a pH Lifestyle Lover, because I believe it not only saved my life after treatments of Stage 3 Breast Cancer it has also given me a quality of optimal health I never experienced before.

Now pH after coming across it here and there through my journey in battling; was not new to me per say as when I was a little girl my dad used a pH water tester to keep our fish healthy and I learned this when I was 8, frankly though paid little attention to it until Later on when I recognized it and embraced it.

I learned through countless months that turned into years through reading and research from Doctor’s way back to late 1800 and 1900s right up until today with my Certification at Institute for Integrative Nutrition.   I started in baby steps from morning until night testing and implementing all that I learned into my new found pH Healthy Lifestyle.  I found that myself and many others were living in Optimal Health by following this Lifestyle and I needed to share this with the world and show them how to do this in the baby steps all that I had learned.

I love people, children and animals so much and I don’t want anyone to go through the hell I went through.  Please embrace the pH lifestyle with pH Health Home Kit and bring it into your homes for you and your families to live well in Optimal Health! This world was not meant to have disease and certainly not our bodies!  Thank you so Much!