To the person who thinks healthy is unaffordable.


To the person who thinks healthy is unaffordable, what made you think that? Was it that extra bag of chips at the grocery store or was it the 2 liter from the gas station? I know what it is. It’s the 4-4 at the fast food place….no, it’s the hoagie special.


To the person who thinks healthy is unaffordable, it has to be the $10 chicken nugget meal you buy everyday. No? It was the pack of beer….the pop tarts…the instant noodles. What is it? What makes you think that you can’t afford to eat right?


None of that?


I know what you’re thinking “this person doesn’t know what I can and can’t afford!” you are right. Much like yourself I psyched myself into thinking all I could afford was junk. I made little to no money and when I looked at the good stuff I always said “that looks good but I could never afford to eat healthy”. What I was really saying was “I don’t allow myself the time and I am okay with a 50 pound weight gain” A 50 pound weight gain!??? YES. I let myself gain 50 pounds almost overnight because “I couldn’t afford to eat healthy”.



To the person who thinks healthy is unaffordable, it’s all about how you think. What do I mean by that? If you buy a head of lettuce some salad dressing and some toppings from the dollar tree(or your local $1 store) instead of the $10 chicken nugget meal you have lunch for a week instead of a day. It’s all about how you budget yourself too. Sure you can buy what’s easy but easy isn’t always better.


To the person who thinks healthy is unaffordable when you stop telling yourself you can’t and start telling yourself you can… that’s when it all changes. I’m not saying to stop everything you are doing to change your diet. Think about how you eat and what it is doing to your body.


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