Stress = Acidic pH

I know in one form or another you have been told Stress is no good for you! Well it’s not and it causes our bodies to become sick and acidic. Stress will keep us awake at night so we don’t get adequate sound sleep another acidic maker. It will preoccupy our minds when we need to be clear and can cause mistakes or accidents.

Meditation or taking a simple walk can help you have some quiet time… taking even a small break from thinking about it or living in it will help. Having that quiet time may also help you figure things out or realize you need to make some changes; then you can make a plan to get stress out of your life. Stress is a factor in the pH Lifestyle and we provide suggestions on the topic that may help you a little further to realize what’s keeping you awake at night or your body holding onto acid.

Sometimes a Life/Wellness coach or counselor can help you make a plan to start getting to the root of your stress factors where you can take small strives each day to get that stress out of your life once and for all! There are also many books in the library that may give ideas that you feel you can implement and help you get stress out of your life. So whatever way you can; help yourself and I hope some of the above ideas work for you!

*Photo information – By LaurMG. (Own work.) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons