Spotlight Product Of The Week!

We love our products here at pH Healthy and we want you to love them too! This week we are featuring one of our signature soap blends ‘Spinach and Olive Leaf’. Why do we like featuring our products? We want people to get to know our products and learn why it’s important to make the switch to natural!! 20170202_133736

Why Spinach? Not only is there tons of things like, magnesium, B6… they successfully made heart tissue out of a spinach leaf!! Amazing right? We couldn’t believe it either! I mean if that doesn’t make you believe it’s good for your body what will! Haha! Other amazing things about spinach are the fact that it’s low in fat and cholesterol. It can even be considered a mild laxative!!

OK… Ok.. enough about spinach…Why Olive Leaf???

Well Olive Leaf was used in ancient Egypt because it was a sign of heavenly power but since times have changed studies have shown that it helps lower blood pressure! That sounds heavenly to me! There are also studies that say it can even help prevent cardiovascular disease! I personally can’t prove that but it’s definitely and added awesome thing about olive leaf! Fun Fact: it also can help with brain function.

While this soap won’t cure your problems it’s a small step towards removing the toxins in your body!! It takes 17 seconds for the chemicals in the soaps, cleaners, etc. to get into your blood stream.. why are you using that on you and your babies?

IF you’d like to find where to get this click here!

Think, read, and remember, you can’t manage your health if you can’t measure it!!