Lemon Water Benefits with Living pH Healthy

Water alone is so important for our bodies to function properly each day. Did you know that our bodies are made up of 60% water, the brain and heart composed of 73%? Yep!

What does that mean? It means you need to feed your body with what it needs to replenish itself and that is with water. Drinking each day half of your body’s weight is necessary… so if you weigh 140 lbs then drinking 70 ozs per day you should!

Now I can tell you drinking water like this at first is not an easy task, however once your body starts getting it… it CRAVES it!!! You can add acidic fruit like lemon or lime, because a magically thing happens with that acidic fruit; it converts into an alkaline in our body! So not only do you get the benefits of pH Healthy water, it now tastes better! Win/Win!