Knowing Your Health ~ In Between Doctor’s Visits

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Do You Know How Much Can Happen In Between Annual Doctor’s Visits?……

Would you Like to Know How to Take Control of Your Health & Wellness by Measuring & Monitoring Right At Home?

Most of us like to think we are on top of our Health and Wellness by going to the Doctor’s annually.   However a year is a long time and now a days with all the Healthcare Restrictions and Concerns many are seeking to take some control of their health back.

Watching how we eat and exercise is a great way; however it’s not the full scope of telling you if your inner health is stable and just because a scale said you were successful at shedding a few pounds or you are at a “good weight” does not dictate at all your inner health.

Many are using a “fitbit” and some other devices to help us out, which is good however still not an indicator of important inner body levels.

In order to really know that we are on top of our Health outside of knowing our blood pressure also knowing important pH (Alkaline/Acidic) levels along with Glucose indicators is truly a good way.   If you find that they are not at a “good” level even after using proven methods we share; this could be an early indicator that something needs to be looked at by your doctor further opposed to waiting months for that annual checkup and letting things get out of control.  Early detection of anything is best!

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Dr. Otto Warburg said it best; Disease cannot exist in an Alkaline environment.

health-tracking-kit-with-bookThe Health Tracking Kit and pH Lifestyle is designed with this in mind.  It was also designed to give people the ability to take control of their Health and Wellness by being able to Measure, Manage and Maintain Important pH (Alkaline/Acidic) & Glucose Levels easily and right at Home.  The Health Tracking Kit comes with a Digital Download book that is fun and easy to read and will take you through in Baby Steps how to use the test strips and maintain a pH Healthy Lifestyle!

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