Five Acidic Foods To Stay Away From.


Acid, maybe you know about it maybe you don’t. It’s apart of our body but it can sadly be turned negative by the food we eat. Food is the most important part of our life next to water with out both of those we are doomed. With out the right food and water… we are doomed. People don’t understand that even a little sugar can throw off your body so I found a list to help you, the reader, understand what to steer clear from if you are trying to get you pH on track.

  1. Stay away from Processed foods, if you can’t pronounce what’s in it why eat it?
  2. Coffee… I know I hit a hard one but really if it kills your teeth what do you think it’s doing to the rest of you?
  3. Salt! There are good salts and bad but the regular table salt needs to go!!
  4. MSG, you already know it causes headaches, nausea, etc it’s not unavoidable it can be done!
  5. SUGAR!! The worst thing for you and is in most of the processed foods,drinks,candy!! Stay away!!

It’s important to stay away from things that will harm your body, it’s not impossible! If you want to learn how or have questions about changing your diet please contact us! Click here!

Happy Dipping!