Dr. Otto Warburg

When I was 8 and learned from my dad that  pH balanced water kept our fish healthy I never would have dreamed that in later years that small bit of knowledge I would relate to a famous Nobel Prize winner.  However it did and I am thankful every day for that.    Especially after being a survivor of many years now!  Dr. Otto Warburg found that No disease can exist in an alkaline environment.

I needed something plain and simple to give me hope and take me through and out of the nightmare I had gone through that I now refer to as my journey.

Plain and Simple it is ~ keep your body’s pH (Alkaline/Acidic) balanced at 7.3 and you have the best chance of living in Optimal Health.

There was one issue that I had with this, although plain and simple it had a twist of complexity and that took me years of research to find out exactly how to maintain my pH; Alkaline/Acidic balance coming from a Irish/Italian cultured family who ate meats, pastas, breads and sugar and a lifestyle that have some intense levels of stress.

I needed to embrace and learn the language to get to a 7.3 and I had to find an accurate way to test my pH regularly.  I had found great books and strips (not the best for accurate readings) spread all over and nothing all in one place.  The books, lectures and research were scientific and long and the strips once exposed to the air or environment did not provide accurate results for measuring and maintaining my pH at the 7.3 mark.

For myself I took the books, self-experiments, lectures and combined them into my own handy dandy notebook for easy reference and easy to follow.  Next found myself who I feel to be the best manufacturer of test strips. They are in a dark tightly concealed bottle and made of a firm plastic stick with padded tip (not a thin strip of paper) which I found to provide the accuracy I needed.

I decided after many years that I needed to share with others how to stay in Wellness by Measuring and Managing their pH level and just as important learning how to maintain a balanced lifestyle because food and products are a good part but not the only part.   I designed the Health Tracking Kit and Easy to follow book pH Healthy.  They come together in a durable, drawer storable case with fun reading digital download book that you can read anywhere.

health-tracking-kit-with-bookOrder Now at www.pHHealthy.com your Health Tracking Kit and get Control and Peace of Mind over your Health and Wellness