Dip Dip Hooray!!!

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Dip Dip Hooray!!! Can I tell you about something *I* personally do everyday that leaves me with peace of mind?!! I dip my sick!! Ok… I know what you are thinking. ‘She what?’ I dip my stick! After going on the painful journey I did, I decided no one can go through what I did. I need to let people know how to take care of them selves at home every day!!

We don’t take care of ourselves like we should until we are on the edge of death. Why do we feel the need to wait that long? Why can’t we literally pee on a stick to see if the inside of us is doing okay?

Want to find out more about what I am talking about? Head to phhealthy.com to learn more about my journey and the products in the picture! I even wrote a book and it’s available at Amazon !

Keep on dipping my friends!!