Did You Know A Negative Attitude Can Cause Disease?

Did you know that a negative attitude can cause disease? How is that possible? One word. ACID. Crazy right? Who knew that acid could…. wait what is acid? Our body’s naturally carry acid. Acids like Amino Acid, Fatty Acid, DNA… you get the point. So when your body has too much or too little of something the acids in your body can become out of whack and attract disease!

Hard to believe, I know but this is the realities of our life style people! The real question is how does having a bad day… maybe everyday… mean that I might get sick?! Well you aren’t going to pass a test on something without knowing what’s on the paper are you? Probably not. You can’t lose weight by just wishing it away you have to do something about it right? Right. My point is you have to think better to be better. What do I mean by that? If you’re angry everyday, you’re going to be angry when you do everything, you then give yourself a headache and so on and so on. It’s a chain reaction really. You think yourself into moods! Even if you are living a “healthy” life style you can still attract disease if your life is nothing but stress and sadness!

Every action has an equal or opposite reaction, I’m sure you’ve heard that before applied in science class or something but it goes hand and hand with your everyday life! You can’t live an unhealthy, negative, sad life and expect blessings! You must live positively to be healthy!! Emotions are apart of the way your body works, so why not take care of them while taking care of the rest of your body!?

So if you want to live disease free, find the negative things in your life and get rid of them!

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