Are You Really Healthy?


See that picture there? What are three things you can say about it? Go ahead say it to yourself. I bet one of you said “beautiful, amazing, breathtaking” if it wasn’t that it was something positive though right? It was easy. How come we can’t do that for our selves? Look in the mirror and say the same thing?

Now, I’m not going on a ‘self love is the only way!!’ rant or a ‘get better quick’ thing. I am, like many other people, on a journey to healthy living. I am stuck though… I am really stuck and I can’t meet my goals. Why? Well why don’t you ask yourself that too. What’s holding you back from reaching your goals? NO! It’s not anyone else but you! DO not I repeat do not blame anyone else but yourself. You are your own worst enemy and what I mean by that is your mind is what is holding you back from what you want. Okay, so I know some of you are ready to click off and move on to the next thing and that’s okay not many people realize what they are doing to them selves.

I am going to show you two pictures about 6 months apart, now they are very personal but I want you to understand that healthy isn’t always about what you eat. (I’m the girl by the way! LOL)

mms_img-308935415                                                         IMAG0993

The mind is a silly thing isn’t it? I gained 50lbs in that short amount of time because my mind told me I was fat! I mean I ate too but I let my self do that. I don’t but clothes… I don’t even take pictures anymore. When your mind controls really what you do and how you do it you do crazy things (like gain 50lbs) When you have no self love you let yourself become something you aren’t. Your mindset has to change in order to take care of yourself. I’ve met plenty of people who are in shape and physically healthy in a worse mental state than me!! Crazy to think someone who is so thin and beautiful isn’t mentally healthy. You truly don’t know what is in someone’s head.

With that being said, are you really healthy?

Stay tuned for my weekly vlogs. I don’t have a name for it nor do I know what it’s going to entail but I am going to find my self and get really healthy…. Maybe we will call it Maggie’s journey.

My Aunt Emilie has a book out right now called When Living Is The Only Option’ and it’s about her journey with stage 3 breast cancer and how she got to where she is today. I encourage you to check it out if you are going to join my journey! Available on Amazon.