5 Important Things To Understand About Your Body’s Alkaline/Acidic Levels

So what’s all the Hype about PH Health; Alkaline/Acidic Levels of Your Body?

Our bodies are made up of many different variables, however they can be categorized into 2 main headings. Alkaline and Acidic. A good ph balance of 7.3 will achieve many good things for your health.

It’s important for our bodies to be in a good ph balance of 7.3 so that we can live in optimal health and resist disease.

There are many things to know about your Body’s Alkaline/Acidic Levels; here’s 5.

You’re Prone To Not So Nice Things…

Having an Acidic Body is prone to bring on many not so good things such as Diabetics, Fatigue, Poor Memory, Bad Skin, Overweight, Pre Mature Aging, Headaches and More. Many will allow you to believe that Diet alone is the answer to ridding the body of harmful acid however that is not correct. Acid is brought on and remains in the body from food intake to relationships and many things in between.

Induce Stress

Living in a Toxic Environment on all levels will induce stress on the body and cause acidic levels to rise. This can come from foods, cleaners, toothpaste, laundry detergent and much more. It is important to pay close attention to the chemicals and toxins that surround us on a daily basis. Letting our children, pets and family members live in a home where toxins are all around is sure to raise acid levels in our body. Those same acid levels attract disease.

Financial Issues & Employment Problems

Financial issues, Employment problems or Conflicts in a Business Relationship not only cause emotional affects they also cause the body to become acidic leaving you prone to colds, achy joints and muscles and a variety of body issues.

Healthy Family

Allowing your body to become more alkaline will allow you and your family’s life to become healthier all around. The tension in yourself and your house hold will become calmer and you will start to feel and look better. You will drop weight in a healthy way, not some unhealthy FAD Diet. You will have a better way of living forever. When you target each area of your life instead of just one such as food you have a higher chance of adopting your new found Lifestyle forever.

Monitoring Your Levels

Learning in Baby Steps how to change into a PH Healthy Lifestyle where you Test & Measure Your Levels Right at Home Easy 1-2-3 Instant Results, then Manage and Maintain is How to Achieve Long Lasting Results that lead you into Optimal Health. You will feel your best and Clean Up every area of your life.

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