5 Important Facts About Water.

We know water is good for you but just how good? I decided to do a little research myself to figure out why exactly is water so good for us! We are made up of mostly water anyway, so why aren’t we drinking more of it?!! So with that being said, here are 5 important facts about water!!

  1. We are made of almost 75% of water!! That means you need it!!
  2. Our children dehydrate wayyyy faster than us! It’s more likely for them to get dehydrated during the school day than us during a work day.
  3. Water allows the body to metabolize food way better!! So that means if you have a slow metabolism water helps fix it!!
  4. Water is the main thing the body needs! Without water we can’t survive!!!
  5. Depression can often be linked to dehydration!! Your body tells you when you aren’t giving it enough look for signs!!

Our bodies like to give us signs when something isn’t right! Signs like High blood pressure, Chronic fatigue &Premature aging!!  Stop ignoring them and listen! Water will help fix problems before they happen!